Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Cooling Neck Pillow

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What's cool? Not sweating because your neck pillow acted like a turtleneck. This neck pillow features air vents to prevent overheating while the dual-density memory foam provides the perfect balance of soft comfort and firm support. The Evolution Cool® can be worn upside down or inverted-backward and features a pivot toggle that ensures a proper fit while compacting to less than half the size in the mesh storage case included helping maximize your backpack carry-on or commuter bag space.


  • Reduces fatigue and increases your focus extending gameplay by 40%
  • Memory foam stabilizes your head and neck to prevent neck strain
  • Integrated mesh vents keep you cool under pressure
  • 360-degree support
  • Better head and chin support
  • Premium carry bag
  • Washable cover


30 Day Warranty