LILT BEAUTY Professional Makeup Brush Set With Brush Cleaner

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Suggestions for use: Brush to apply powder: Apply powder to the bristles of the brush and with a gentle mixture apply to the T-zone of the face (forehead nose and chin). Also apply in the region under the eyes as it accumulates a greater amount of oil produced by your skin. Finish by applying the powder from the brush to your face for a natural finish. Brush to apply foundation and contour: For foundation apply to all necessary areas of your face including the neck mixing it. To contour make sure your movement goes back and out with light-toned makeup in prominent areas like the center of your forehead and nose and above the cheekbone; dark tones are applied in contour areas such as the side of the forehead and below the cheekbone (from the center of the face to the ear). Brush to apply the brush: Add a small number of brushes to the bristles of the brush and blow to remove excess product. Apply the makeup on your mussel from the center to your ears. Hygienic Liquid Makeup Brush Cleaner: Spray the solution on a paper towel with cold water and make circular motions rubbing the brush against it. Rinse with cold water and with a soft towel remove the excess and dry the brush. Do not leave the brush wet. Silicone Brush Cleaning Pad: The glove is used to clean makeup brushes by LILT BEAUTY and is ideal for removing makeup from accumulated residue on brush bristles. Compatibility: brushes: wooden handle aluminum tube nylon bristles non-toxic product non-perishable expiration date undetermined. Hygienic Liquid Makeup Brush Cleaner: Water Sodium Leukary Sulfate Cocamidopropyl Betane Isopropyl Alcohol Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Fragrance Disodium (Edta) Chlorphenesin Methylparaben. Silicone Brush Cleaning Pad: Silicone non-toxic non-perishable product expiration date undetermined.


  • Create your makeup with premium brushes from LILT PROFESSIONAL LINE.
  • The set contains: 1 “fat” rounded bristle brush – 6.10 ” handle x 1.96 ” bristle (6.102 in x 1.969 in)
  • 1 x Angled Bristle Blush Brush
  • 1 Foundation and Contour Brush with Long Rounded Bristles – 6.10 ” x 0.78 ” Bristle Handle
  • 1 Hygienic Liquid Makeup Brush Cleaner – 80ml + 1 Silicone Brush Cleaning Pad


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